THE NET RESULT is a different kind of service company. We believe technology should be there to help you and that the level of satisfaction experienced by the home user, telecommuter, entrepreneur and small business owner can be vastly improved upon.

Many people view technology as a necessary evil and consequently have a love/hate relationship with their computers. When confronted with a problem, the situation is often compounded by support personnel that can be described as, at best, indifferent. Time and again, the end user is intimidated by technical jargon and cumbersome procedures and ends up feeling frustrated.  

At THE NET RESULT, we understand how you feel. You don’t want to have to spend your time struggling to manage your technology. You want to be able to use your computer to enhance your productivity. We’re here to help!

Our Philosophy…

You should be able to sit at your computer and have it work. Period. You should be able to ask a question without being disdained or dismissed, and you should get a clear answer. You should be able to request assistance in making technology decisions and trust that the advice you receive is state-of-the-art, unbiased, and customized to your needs and budget.

What Makes Us Different?

We listen – really  listen. We pay attention to what you say, and recommend the most appropriate solution. We understand that most people don’t know, need, or care to know the technical jargon of the computer business, so we’ll speak with you clearly and concisely. We combine practical education and advocacy for our customers, as we strive to help them navigate the somewhat dizzying maze of ever-changing technology options.

We’re “Vendor Neutral”. We don’t sell products based on what can garner the highest commission. Instead, we search out, test, and recommend solutions based on your needs and budget. We are truly committed to helping you maximize the potential of your technology budget.

We Go Beyond "Selling"...

At THE NET RESULT, our approach is resourceful and comprehensive. All recommendations for products and/or systems purchases are made by a well-versed technical professional, who expedites the purchase, installation and maintenance of your system. Recommendations are made with the assurance that if anything doesn’t work, it will be fixed, without delay, at no additional charge. This “sales/engineer” approach serves to eliminate the miscommunication that can occur among the client, sales staff, and technical support. Tenacious service is what we are all about.

Is computers, networks, and service that meets your needs, and that you can rely on!

Some of the Services We Offer…

Computer and peripheral sales
Small Business Telephone Systems
Software sales
Upgrades and repairs
Network design and management
Wireless WAN/LAN Installation
Site wiring and cabling
Strategic technology planning
Backup and disaster recovery services
Remote monitoring/ help desk
Equipment disposal and recycling

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